Sheri Sibley Founder/Owner
Sheri Sibley

Eight years ago, myself along with five other top agents left our corporate branded cubicles behind and set off to start something new. We wanted a fresh start. With years of experience and industry knowledge we knew we could give people something more.

As an agent you represent a buyer or a seller – simple enough. But as a real estate advisor you go beyond representation – you become a part of the process.

Some businesses will say that there are steps to follow and a check list that needs to be completed in order to meet a client’s needs. We beg to differ. How can any two people or families have the same needs or wants? Every home is different, every family is unique and each story has its own ending.

At Vantage Point Realty Advisors we pride ourselves on being a boutique firm that has the flexibility to do things as we see fit. We understand the importance of personalization and believe that being successful is more about the relationships then the contracts.

We encourage you to follow us here for updates on our company, insights about the local real estate market, home trends, community events and much more – because we may be celebrating eight years in the business, but – we are just getting started.

– Sheri